Welcome to the Virtual Washington ARTCC
Home of the first flight and the oldest continuously operating airport in the world, the airspace controlled by the Washington ARTCC is rich in history. With three major airports within 30 miles of the nation's capital, ZDC controllers handle some of the most complex airspace in the country.

From the Carolinas up to New Jersey, including the busy arrival streams from the southeast into the three New York airports and Philadelphia, overflights to and from Boston, and the equally busy traffic flows to Atlanta, there is always something interesting going on at the Washington ARTCC.
Rick Rump
Air Traffic Manager
ZDC Top Controllers
Top Controllers for April 2016:
Pham, Gia - 32.6
Sarchiapone, Josh - 30.87
Last, Rohan - 20.88
Rump, Rick - 13.24
King, Brad - 12.3
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Current Conditions & Major Field Configuration
KBWI040328(D) 33L(A) 33R(A/D)-PROPS KBWI 061830Z 04003KT 1 3/4SM R10/3000VP6000FT +RA BR SCT009 BKN014 OVC027 11/09 A2965 RMK AO2 P0003 T01060094
KDCA000019 (D/A) 15 (D/A)-RJ/PROPS KDCA 061752Z 00000KT 6SM RA FEW012 OVC055 11/08 A2969 RMK AO2 SLP053 P0010 60045 T01110083 10128 20106 51001
KIAD360730 (D) 1L/1C/1R (A) KIAD 061834Z 36007KT 5SM RA BR BKN011 OVC048 12/09 A2969 RMK AO2 P0009 T01170094
KRDUVRB623L/23R (D/A) KRDU 061751Z VRB06KT 10SM SCT032 BKN060 BKN080 BKN250 16/09 A2975 RMK AO2 SLP071 60001 T01610094 10178 20106 51001 $

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Ing Zimmerman CYULCXA739B739CYULKIAD
Dillon Powers KSLCDAL832B752KSLCKDCA
Chris Wilkinson EGCCBAW292B77LKIADEGLL
james toy KPSPCOA4422B722KILMKEWR
Harry Frank Murphine W00KAP9702DH8DKDCAKJFK