Limited Recognition Visitor Status

C1 controllers who have been actively controlling en-route in ZNY/ZBW/ZTL and wish to work ZDC for their facility events (should ZDC be unable to adequate staff up for it) may request a limited recognition visitor status. For details and applicaation requirements please click here.

ZDC Visitor Application

Step One: VATSIM ID and Name

Please enter your VATSIM ID, first name and last name. This information MUST match your VATSIM records before you can move on to part two of the application. Please review the ZDC Visiting Policy for information.

If you do not hear from us within 72 hours from submitting this application please contact the ATM and DATM at ZDC-ATM at VATUSA dot net, and ZDC-DATM at VATUSA dot net.
Name (Last/Family, First/Given),

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