Author Topic: [MBI 17-11] Climb via SID Phraseology Change  (Read 1524 times)

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[MBI 17-11] Climb via SID Phraseology Change
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:29:46 am »
In the latest FAA 7110.65 update (effective 10/12/17), the "Climb via SID" phraseology has been changed. Climb via SID may now only be used for pilot-nav departures, who have published crossing restrictions along with a top altitude. SID's that are radar vector, hybrid, or pilot nav without crossing restrictions, regardless of a "top altitude" being published, are no longer given "Climb via SID" from clearance delivery.

This affects ALL IAD, DCA, ROA, ORF, and RDU departures, as well as the SWANN/PALEO departures out of BWI. Departures from those fields, and any other field that has a published departure procedure that does not meet the above criteria (pilot-nav, published crossing restrictions, and top altitude), shall use "Maintain xxxx, expect FLxxx (xx) minutes after departure" in their CRAFT clearance string.

The only ZDC departures that will now use "Climb via SID" are:

BWI: TERPZ, CONLE, and FIXET (FIXET ATC assigned only)

For more information consult FAA 7110.65X, section 4-3-2:

PDC's will be updated in the upcoming days.
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