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All CPC-IT must complete the VATUSA CBTs for their rating they are training for (Currently S1 & S2) PRIOR to requesting training.

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S1 [Clearance Delivery / Ground]

Below are the Computer Based Training mods for the S1 training material. These units contain valuable information on airport procedures, phraseology and ATC policies relevant to VATSIM's S1 rating.

# CBT Name Module Description
1 Introduction Introduction to ZDC, as well as S1 training paths.
2 Weather Types of aviation concerning weather and what they mean.
3 Airspace Overiview of different airspace uses, types and requirements.
4 Radio Communications Important introudction to controller phraseology and useage.
5 Aircraft Types of aircraft and how that concerns Ground / Delivery controllers.
6 Airways and Routes The "highways in the sky," and an explanation on useage as well as types.
7 Departure Procedures An overview of different departure procedures and where/how they're used.
8 IFR Clearances Clearance proceudres related to aircraft operating under IFR regulations.
9 VFR Clearances Clearance proceudres related to aircraft operating under VFR regulations.
10 Movement Areas Types of movement areas of an airport, as well as relation to other area types.
11 Sequencing An introduction to sequencing and ground metering,
12 Ground Coordiantion Neccesary knowledge about coordination with other controllers.

More Computer Based Training Modules Coming Soon

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